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Fortitude - GOJIRA



  • Genre: Metal
  • Release Date: 2021-04-30
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 11

  • ℗ 2021 Roadrunner Records Inc.


Title Artist Time
Born For One Thing GOJIRA 4:20
Amazonia GOJIRA 5:00
Another World GOJIRA 4:24
Hold On GOJIRA 5:30
New Found GOJIRA 6:36
Fortitude GOJIRA 2:07
The Chant GOJIRA 5:12
Sphinx GOJIRA 4:00
Into The Storm GOJIRA 5:02
The Trails GOJIRA 4:07
Grind GOJIRA 5:34


  • I Missed U

    By Shady1979
    I was the driver for the Slipknot Gojira Volbeat show close to St Louis, I was confident, yeah i have been there before, i missed the turn for the venue, WE HEARD GOJIRAS LAST SONG FROM THE PARKING LOT. My heart was broken, I have been to so many shows, and i messes this up....Well at least i seen Volbeat and definatelhy Slipknot.... Was still a little disappointed in my human self
  • Gojira

    By Yayoda
    Everything on their last two albums can be found on this one. Nothing new to hear. Wish they’d evolve a bit.
  • Buy it!

    By Marcus18493
  • My God...

    By BDWhite1969
  • Effin Gojira!!

    By GojiraMF
    Gojira now has me for good🤘🏻
  • From the Gods of Metal 🤘🏻🤘🏻

    By Revolver On The Rocks
    Review: 10/10 Fortitude is above and beyond what I expected, and I already expected perfection from them because come on, ITS FREAKIN GOJIRA! So the fact that they transcended perfection makes this album dominate on a different plane of existence. It’s....otherworldly. Gojira delivered on every level, one of the most diverse, panoramic, earth-shifting, cohesive, and beautiful progressive metal albums ever crafted. Just jaw-dropping brilliance. I love every song but New Found, Sphinx, Hold On, The Trails, and Grind got me in my soul. Even then, it’s still impossible to choose a singular favorite song since all the tracks deliver a unique power, making a confluence of thought, wisdom, power, confidence, and transformation. And most importantly, the awareness Fortitude brings to the hearts of all of us, from the Amazon, to inner strength, and even civil disobedience, this masterpiece brings it all to mind and makes you believe the power inside yourself and your actions. Can’t wait to hear these songs live.
  • Another level

    By JeanClaudeSeagal
    Them boys have gone and done it. Prepare for an amazing sonic trip before putting this album on
  • Listen to New Found and thank me later

    By Kris561_
  • Can’t stop listening!

    By Twilacobra
    This is the first Gojira I have listened to after a YouTube suggestion for Born for One Thing. I liked it but found myself going back to watch it a few more times and then Amazonia came out, and same thing. Then I saw The Chant video and liked it too. At that point I just decided to purchase the whole album and can’t stop listening to it. I will be surprised if it doesn’t get album of the year. Gojira has a new fan!
  • A towering structure with deep roots

    By Infini19A0
    Amazonia was the song that got my attention. Grind is currently my favorite yet everything here is excellent. The title track is/has an intriguing transition into The Chant. This has many enjoyable sounds that defy genre while still inevitably justified as metal. I cannot write enough good things about the instrument mix, talent in composing, performance and so on. Every second of it is extremely enjoyable.

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